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Connected To The Land And Our Rich Past

Native American Brewing brings together heritage and the earth’s bounty to create craft beverages with a deep connection to the land and the tribe’s rich past.

As a granddaughter of one of the Eastern Band of the Cherokee Indians last recorded medicine men, our co-founder Collette Coggins is a living link to our dependence upon on the fruits of the earth to nourish and heal.

Throughout our history, the Cherokee shared fermented drinks during tribal ceremonies, drank them during social events and sipped on them to ward off illness. We at Native American Brewing pay homage to these Cherokee traditions and the healing powers of the medicine man in everything we do.

In fact the icon at the center of our logo is a sign of health, wealth and prosperity, reminding us of a time when the medicine man reaped the blessings of the earth to help our people thrive and flourish.

From The Brewery

The Warrior Blonde Ale

Refreshing, Well-Balanced & Full Flavored, This Golden Blonde is Specially Brewed for Year-Round Enjoyment. Our Custom Blend of Honey Malt, 2 Row Malt & Cascade Hops Along with Real Raw Honey Provides the Perfect Mix of Subtle Sweetness & Bright Bitterness, with a Palate Pleasing Lightness that brings wonderful flavors to the forefront. 5.5% ABV

Smokey Mountain Golden Ale

This is Not Only Top-Quality, Smoky Mountain Golden Ale is Light Body and Smooth Balance Between Hops and Malt to Make This an All Day Drinker 5.5 % ABV

Flaming Arrow IPA

This is West Coast IPA is Hopped to Perfection for the Beer Drinkers Everywhere. Light Premium Grains Give This Straw Yellow Brew a Backbone That Holds the Hop Bitterness Together with the Delightful Aroma’s from the Dry Hops. A Rotating Hop Selection is Used, So Each Batch is a Unique Flavor to Enjoy. 7.0% ABV

Smoke Signal Hazy IPA

Native American Brewing Custom “Hands-On” Approach to Brewing Definitely Shows in Our Hazy IPA. Combining the Bright Hoppiness You Expect From A Quality IPA, But with Less Bitterness & More Flavors of Tropical & Stone Fruit. Smoke Signals Hazy IPA is a Silky, Juicy Celebration for the Senses. 6.5% ABV

Woven Walnut Stout

Sometimes It’s Hard to Choose Between a Sweet, Creamy Dessert & Great Beer. We Have You Covered with Woven Walnut Stout, Made with Milk, Sugar Flaked Oats & Darkly Roasted Walnuts & Malts. This Decadent & Delicious Stout Delivers a Rich Mouthfeel & Roasty Finish with Notes of Semisweet Chocolate, Coffee, & Light Caramel. 5.5% ABV

Native Hard LemonAde

Quench Your Thirst with This Zesty & Crisp Lemonade. Crafted with Real Lemons, This Goes Down a Real Treat. Just the Right Amount of Tartness Balances Beautiful with the Sweetness. 5.0% ABV

Sunrise Hard Vanilla Spiced Ale

A Wonderful Blend of Vanilla & Caramel, This Hard Soda is reminiscent of the Old Soda Shop Cream Soda. A Creamy Dream Drink. 5.0% ABV

Native Hard Root Beer

A Hard Twist On a Classic. This Root Beer is Made Using Pure Natural Ingredients. From the Raw Honey, to the Cloves, This Hand-Crafted Root Beer is a game changer. 5.0% ABV

Our Spirits!


Native American Brewing Co. Hand Crafted Vodka

Native American Brewing Co. Hand Crafted Vodka is Made from Corn & Produces Notes of Citrus & Spice. Our Hand-Crafted Vodka is Distilled Five-Times & Filtered Twice, Resulting in a Smooth & Superior Product. 40% ALC. BY VOL. (80 PROOF)


Native American Brewing Co. Hand Crafted Gin

Native American Brewing Co. Hand Crafted Gin has Juniper at its Soul, with Notes of Citrus & Pine. Our Gin is Five-Times Distilled with a Light-to-Medium Body, This Exceptional Spirit will Go Great in Your Favorite Cocktail. 40% ALC. BY VOL (80 PROOF)


Native American Brewing Co. Hand Crafted Whiskey

Native American Brewing Co. Hand Crafted Whiskey is Made from Corn and the Finest Oak. Each Batch is Carefully Taste Tested and Blended to Produce a Bold and Well-Rounded Whiskey.

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